17 July 2008

Philippe Genty's Lands End in Sydney

LANDS END is the story of a meeting between two people and of its imaginary resonance in the landscape of dreams. It conjures up a series of enigmatic characters, sometimes real, sometimes projected, which will come to reveal secret emotions and hidden histories. On the basis of this poetry, incarnated in animated forms and actor/magicians, which he relentlessly perfects, Philippe Genty continues his captivating and passionate exploration of undiscovered theatrical continents.

I first met up with the Philippe Genty company in France in the early eighties, while studying puppetry in Charleville. Many years later, I invited them to an international festival of puppetry in South Africa and since then have closely followed their innovative work as it toured the globe. The company will be touring Australia from 12 August until 13 September.
I am organising an evening of 'Lands End' with my students - past, present and future, when they perform in Sydney on 2 September. So if you are interested in joining us, let me know before 25 July or you can book directly here!

An intriguing mix of puppetry, illusion, mime and dance, Lands End is a poetic journey through a dreamlike landscape. Philippe Genty dives deep into the subconscious and creates a series of extraordinary scenes which are by turns whimsical, melancholy, and playful. You can watch a preview of the production below! Enjoy...

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