29 June 2008

Julie Taymor 'Theatre and the Imagination'

Probably best known for designing and producing the Broadway hit 'The Lion King', director and puppeteer, Julie Taymor started her life as a successful New York puppeteer and mime artist, who had a life changing experience when spending some time in Indonesia, studying Wayang puppetry, traditional dance and mask theatre. This week, while checking out the mind expanding website TED, I discovered a lecture which Taymor gave in 1998. Unfortunately it seems to be no longer on TED, but I found another copy on You Tube and it's really worth watching, so check it out here!

Taymor talks about her boundary-shattering theatre work - such as turning 'The Lion King' into an astonishing live musical and her journey that lead her to preparing to make a Broadway
Spider-Man musical adaptation for the stage.

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