24 March 2008


In one week, puppeteers from across the globe will be emerging on Perth in Western Australia to attend the UNIMA 2008 Festival and Congress. The festival promises to include the highlight of both Australian and World Puppetry. Besides the festival which feature troupes from every continent, Sunday 6 April has been declared Carnival Day. On this day the Million Puppet Project will be counted and a new Guinness World Record - The World’s Largest Puppet Display - will be set. The Puppet Caravan performers will arrive to perform at the festival. They have journeyed more than 5000 kilometres performing across the breadth of Australia. A special highlight of Carnival Day is the performance of The Battle of Ichinotani by Japan’s Chiryu Karakuri Puppet Preservation Association. This will be a unique opportunity to see this ancient puppetry tale. Keep posted for on the spot news and events. We fly to Perth next Wednesday!

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