9 October 2007

2007 International Workshop Videos launched

Just launched are our 2007 World of Paper Workshop tour videos. These short pieces encompassing workshops for both Corporate and High Schools took place throughout Europe and Canada. Our workshops combine storytelling, performance with paper and creativity skills. This year I was joined by occupational therapist, Sharon Gelber to bring sustainable science into the mix - leaving participants with specific tools and techniques that are being used in both the classroom and corporate environment, in keeping participants focussed, organised, de-stressed and in a most creative space.

You can watch these short films now (Corporate Promo and film and High School Promo and film) in the new video player on the right of this website. Enjoy!

We are now available for Australian bookings - both Corporate, as well as High School and Universities and international bookings for 2008. If you are interested in organising one of these workshops, or only in more information, you can contact me here!

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Anonymous said...

Gary and Sharon did a great job when they visited Vancouver,Canada to do a workshop with a group of us. We can't wait to have him pass through again so that we can have another. You won't be disappointed if you book them, you will see life and look at things a little different after the workshop.

Daryl H