9 August 2007

Los Angeles 1980

It was in 1980 that I performed in a theatrical restaurant called Poppy's Star in Encino in the San Fernando Valley, here in Los Angeles. All the waiters used to perform cabaret, sing and entertain. I was a ventriloquist, seen here with Oscar, all those years ago in LA. Well, yesterday, twenty-seven years later, we drove up from Santa Monica, through Topanga Canyon into the Valley. Up Ventura Boulevard we rode looking for the remnants or building that housed Poppy's Star all those years ago. We found all the landmarks I once knew had been replaced by huge shopping malls and large office blocks. What a different beast Encino is now and it's all happened in the last 27 years. Am I too that different?

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I use to work at Poppy's Star... there is a site up now on my space... under poppy's star. I agree, Encino is a very different place now... Anyway, I don't remember you, but it was nice commenting on your page...

Sherry Siegel
aka Skye Rivers