12 June 2007

Sunshine Coast, BC

Here we are today visiting Canadian artist, costume designer, Sandy Buck in the Sunshine Coast, just an hour ferry ride from Vancouver. The pic with Sandy was taken in the one minute of sunshine we witnessed today. Sandy is one of the organisers of our workshop being held here on Saturday. Sandy and her partner Chad want to start a Artist Oasis to inspire creativity on their property here on the Sunshine Coast. Check out her website here!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Gary. You might not remember me, but I just wanted to thank you for your passion you shared with us here at the University of Calgary.

I am finally finishing up my mid-term paper on the puppet power conference. I wrote about you briefly, and I wanted to share what I thought about you and your work. So I am going to copy and paste what I wrote below:

I strongly believe that Gary Friedman personifies the answer to the question: How can puppetry be used to promote empowerment, community development and social transformation?

His creation, “Puppets Against AIDS”, is purely brilliant; it is a gift to all human beings from humanity, and his speech was nothing short of the true dedication.

There you have it.


Miyuki Unrau