5 June 2007

The Puppetmaster of Lodz

Another piece of theatre reflecting similar themes to our current 'Looking for a Monster' production is The Puppetmaster of Lodz. After escaping from Auschwitz, Finkelbaum, a once-revered puppetmaster, has barricaded himself in an attic. Now 1950, he is not convinced that the war is over and sees any attempt to lure him out as merely a ruse to recapture him. In an attempt to bring his lost family back to life, he prepares for his greatest puppet show ever – the story of his life. Ultimately hopeful, moving and eminently theatrical, this beautifully articulated story will enjoy heightened poignancy upon our stage. This work is performing until 8 July at the Writer's Theatre in Chicago. We need to check this out when we get to Chicago! Click here to view video clips! (Thanks to Maya Nadison in Chicago for the info!)

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