16 April 2007

Still Looking for a Monster

This morning we experienced a loud siron throughout Jerusalem marking 'Yom HaShoah' or Holocaust Memorial Day. It was really a strange feeling, cause at the time I didn't know what on earth it was and thought the city was under seige. But after a few minutes we realised it was a Holocaust tribute. This was also on the day in which we again interviewed Terezin survivor, Yehuda Bacon in Jerusalem for our documentary film 'Looking for a Monster'.

Yehuda was one of the boys who was transported, together with our protanganist Hanus Hachenburg, from the concentration camp of Terezin to the death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau in December 1943. Yehuda was selected as one of 89 boys to be transfered to the work camp, just days before the rest of the 'family camp' were sent to the gas chambers on the night of 12 July 1944. Today Yehuda tells his story to the world and the fact that Hanus perished on that fateful day. The documentary film and Hanus' live puppet play, (written by thirteen-year old Hanus in 1943), will be released internationally next year. See our previous post. Keep tuned for details!

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