11 August 2006

Puppetry amidst the War

Even while in a state of war, Israel has continued with their International Puppetry Festival, which is taking place in Jerusalem this week as part of the Train Theatre's 25th anniversary celebrations. The festival, which started last Sunday and ends today, features 26 puppet shows for everyone 18 months and older, including eight shows tailored specifically for adults. Shows are being held at Jerusalem's Khan and Train Theatres.

The Lighthouse, (see the photo) one of the festival's eight adult shows, proved to be a tender and suspenseful story about an old woman waiting on a tiny island for a ship captain named Edward to return to her. Over the course of the show, the audience observes the woman's neurotic and humorous nightly routine at her lighthouse as she searches for and thinks about her long-lost partner. The other productions from France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Israel includes one of my personal favourites The Gertrude Show, with Israeli artists Yael Inbar and Ravital Arieli. The analogy of keeping a light of hope burning is very much the case here and may peace prevail in the region and the rest of our world soon!

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