8 July 2006

The Newcastle Shoot Out - LIVE

Here we are coming to you live from in New South Wales, Australia. We have just completed shooting Daydream Believer - a new puppet film for this short one-day film competition The Newcastle Shoot Out, held each year in many locations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

A group of amateur film makers and puppeteers, directed by one of my former puppetry film students, Muz Henstock, together with film maker Daniel Funnell, coordinated our short-film project this year. The film tells the story of two brothers, one of which is confined to a wheel chair. The other often visits his physically challanged brother and entertains him with stories that take him into a world of fantasy. The fantasy world is enhabited by strange and fantastical puppet characters. It was another great event in Newcastle, after last year's entry of Thump and Julie - another short film in which the actors become puppets.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gary, Hope you all had a great time.
I saw you and Murray on TV. Did you see it?