18 December 2005

Meeting of the minds in Barcelona

It is already nearly a week ago that I met up with my friend, Austraian shadow-puppet master, Richard Bradshaw (see article from The Muppet Show) and his wife Margaret and together we got the train to St Celoni, a little town on the outskirts of Barcelona, up in the mountains, to visit our friend and teacher, Catalan artist and puppeteer, Joan Baixas. I already mentioned Joan in the article I wrote before that historic meeting last week. We dinned in his home and after Richard and Margaret left back to Barcelona, together with my friend Tina from Berlin, Joan showed me some of the artwork and letters from his master, Joan Miro, in the early seventies, when they worked together on the conception of 'Mori el Merma'. It was a special day for all of us and hopefully this meeting of the minds in Barcelona will lead to some future inspiration and work together!