11 November 2005

Festival of Wonder in Denmark

Here I am at this magnificent International Puppetry Festival in Silkeborg, Denmark. You can read all about the world-class performances on the Festival of Wonder website. The festival opened last night with a performance of Frankenstein by former-Australian, now Dutch puppeteer, Neville Tranter. He captivated his audience immediately with a blend of drama, live music and brilliant puppetry. I was also lucky enough to attend Neville Tranter's manipulation workshop yesterday, which gave a strong insight into his blend of puppetry and showed his strong technique in bring his characters to life through good construction, breath and immediate eye contact. Tonight we are seeing the Foreman Brothers (see the photo - left) from Prague, among others. I will try keep you updated more regularly, but unfortunately only when I can get internet access, which hasn't been that often of late!