17 November 2005

'Dead Puppet Talk' opens in Vienna tonight

New York puppet master Roman Paska's new production 'Dead Puppet Talk' opens at the Schauspielhaus in Vienna tonight! In his internationally successful and award winning productions he creates a counter universe of puzzling, mesmerizing images, where his puppets, as strange, but still related“ wiederg√§nger” of humans, yet beings of their own, explore and experience their existential situation in theatrical rituals, lightened by subtle humour. In 'Dead Puppet Talk' Paska condenses the questions of life and death, to be or not to be, with a text-intensive video film separated from the puppetplay, but yet linked via mutual echoes, while, through the refined mployment of the music, mixed live by Paul Prestipino to atmospheric soundscapes, he makes our perception of “living” and “dead” matter oscillate. The “Puppet-Walkers” move rhythmically with the sounds and seem likewise manipulated as the puppets, to whom they, allegedly, breath life. A fascinating piece of theatre art between dramatized philosophy and irony. Don't miss it!