28 October 2005

Mistelbach Puppet Festival

Greetings from Austria, where I'm here at the 27th International Puppet Festival in Mistelbach. Thus far I haven't seen anything to write home about, although there are a few interesting productions planned for this weekend including One of the UK's leading animators, Stephen Mottram's Organillo and In Suspension, which I'm very much looking forward to seeing! After Mistelbach is the International Puppet Theatre Festival in Vienna, which is running from 28 October to 5 November at the Schauspielhaus in Wien. This festival for adult puppetry is offering some really interesting theatre, including Organillo, as well as a Portugese company Teatro de Marionetas do Porto performing Nada ou o Silencio de Beckett, and a rather bizarre Italian production of Macbeth, which I look forward to imensely. Take a look at the website!