11 October 2005

Hey London! Avenue Q is coming...

Watch out West End! Rumours report that Avenue Q is on its way. Avenue Q is the adult puppet musical satire, based loosely on Sesame Street. Ooops, did I say that? Rumours News Agency, in London, reports that Avenue Q is currently casting for an imminent opening here, after playing two successful years on Broadway and a recent opening in Las Vegas in September. I had the pleasure of seeing the outrageous Avenue Q on Broadway a few weeks ago and was delighted by the introduction of puppetry into the popular culture. It is exactly what we need to get puppetry accepted as popular adult entertainment and its bound to do for adults what Sesame Street has done for children. Sydney, watch out, you could be next!
"Everyone's a little bit racist, sometimes. Doesn't mean we go around committing hate crimes. Look around and you will find, no one's really color blind. Maybe it's a fact, we all should face, everyone makes judgments.. based on race." (Avenue Q)