8 September 2005

Looking for a Monster in New Jersey

Just returned to New York City this evening, after two intense days of filming interviews with Polda Lowy in New Jersey. Polda was one of the close friends and room-mates of thirteen-year old Hanus Hachenburg, the writer of a political puppet play, "We are Looking for a Monster" in Terezin in 1943. That's the play I found in Jerusalem in 1999 and adapted for the stage in 2001. Well, for the past two years, Australian film producer, Rod Freedman and myself have been making a documentary film on the life of these children, who created the most incredible art, theatre, poetry and music in the Terezin Concentration camp in Czechoslovakia, before most of them were deported to Auschwitz and murdered. Hanus never survived, but a handfull of his friends did and are now scattered across the globe. We have been locating them and filming them over the past few years. We are flying first thing tomorrow morning to West Palm Beach, Florida to interview another surving friend of Hanus, Zdenek Taussig. So stay tuned!