12 August 2005

Opportunity for a puppeteer

It's not that often that a good television job comes past my desk and when it does, I get very excited to be able to offer work to fellow-puppeteers! Got a post today(thanks to Puppetry Australia) looking for a TV puppeteer for a shoot in Malaysia. Interested? We are doing a 10 week puppet shoot for an international television show and are looking for a professional puppeteer based in South East Asia or Australia/New Zealand. The shoot is in Kuala Lumpur during the months of November 2005 to January 2006, with a two week break for Christmas in the middle. Five years of professional puppetry experience as well as experience doing television puppetry is a must. The ability to do character voice work and speak with an American/Mid-Atlantic accent is also a must. For more info, contact Brian!

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