2 August 2005

Le Theatre du Soleil in Australia

In 2001, Arianne Mouchkine's Théâtre du Soleil's production of "The Flood Drummers" visited Australia, the actors, elaborately dressed as Bunraku style puppets, were lifted and manipulated by other actors dressed and masked in black. Now they are touring with a brand new production. Anyone involved in theatre, puppetry or film should see this incredible work!
They voyage endlessly and hopelessly, but driven by belief. In place of religion, they have a naive faith in the existence of a country inhabited by the democratic deities they have heard of: freedom, respect. But where is this country? Where will they arrive? When will they arrive? Will they arrive?
Now you have another chance! Théâtre du Soleil's Le Dernier Caravansérail is coming to the Melbourne Festival in October. It is in two parts - the first is 'The cruel river' and the second is 'Originis and destinies'. It is an epic and elaborate theatre work that focuses on the journies that many of the world's people are forced to take and how their travels effects them and those around them. Do yourself a favour if you dig theatre, don't miss it!

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