18 August 2005

Are all American puppeteers terrorists?

Team America have struck once again! The San Fransisco Puppetry Guild is suspected of harbouring terrorists, but it doesn't state if the terrorists are puppeteers or just puppets! The last time were heard such a story in in the USA, was during the presidential re-inuagration ceremony when PUPPETS were banned. A report by Brian Strokes reports: "I kid you not. My beloved San Francisco Bay Area Puppeteers Guild is under investigation by Homeland Security. According to their latest newsletter, its assets have been frozen ever since my friend and Treasurer Pam Brown resigned after 20 years and passed the miniscule nestegg to a new bank account a few months ago. The bank apologizes but legally can't do anything until Homeland Security determines this group of puppet fans and professionals is not planning to attack our country. This is the Guild where Jim Henson met a young Frank Oz and Jerry Juhl back in the 1960s. But now our government thinks it's harboring terrorists."
According to an update today the incident has been resolved and the bank account has been re-opened. The puppets have now also been released from detension!

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