23 July 2005

Prophet or Puppeteer?

In the early 16th century, one man is said to have predicted much of the events occuring in the world today. His name was Michel de Nostradamus. Was he a prophet or just a puppeteer? Did he in fact predict the future or just manipulate history by foretelling the world it's approximate finality? Nostradamus prophisied many of the events happening today! What prompted me to look at this now? Today many people were murdered by bombers in Sharem El Sheik, Egypt. Then the terrible bomb attacks in London over the past weeks by .. 'the man in the blue turban from East', which he refers to. Is this just me or does it start to ring bells?

On a brighter note, before it all ends, there are still some places left for my two-day puppetry workshop at Sydney Community College, starting next weekend. It's your last chance to book, so do so TODAY. Click here!

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