9 July 2005

Marionettes make finalists in film competition!

The marionette film 'THUMP and JULIE' made the final ten out of more than two hundred films entered tonight in the 24-hour 'THE SHOOT OUT' film festival in Newcastle, Australia. Here are some more of the shots taken in the early hours of yesterday morning. The two human marionettes, played by Sally Byrne and Daniel Funnell made really great puppets. I went up with some of my wonderful puppetry students for a fantastic weekend of film-making. We will try get some video clips loaded up here soon!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Gary! It was a wonderful experience meeting and working with you. I'm wrapped that the film did so well. With all the work that went into it from cast and crew it deserves all the accolades. Hopefully Muz and Sally will see you out and about with us a lot more often in the future.