27 July 2005

The Journey

My adventure begins in four weeks... it's all about a lecture tour of the United States, Europe, Israel and then a back to Africa for a bit of summer, before returning home. My first stop is Chicago, then New York, where the work begins. There I will be meeting up with my cameraperson to start shooting the final interviews for my documentary 'Looking for a Monster' in New Jersey, West Palm Beach, Florida and Toronto. Then the lecture tour starts at the University of North Michigan, New York and Boston, before flying to London for workshops in Statford in early October. After that I'll be speaking at a UNIMA (UK) function, about 'Puppetry and Politics' in London, on 11 October, followed by workshops at the Vienna International School and the Mistelbach Puppetry Festival in Austria. Then the workshops and lectures continue in Poland, Israel ...! Check the article on 'International Roaming'. I will keep you updated from all these exciting spots, where I'll report back on my progress and the puppetry taking place in these places. So stay tuned.... !

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