18 June 2005

STRINGS - the movie!

Watch out for the new marionette movie, "STRINGS", made in Denmark, which apparently will put 'Team America' to shame! I'm dying to see this one ...

"Enchanting... a sheer delight" - ARENE

Director’s Statement
“I was 30.000 feet above ground, when the idea for Strings began to take shape. The aircraft was moving along high above the clouds and on the small screen in front of me, a commercial taking place in Prague was playing. It had marionette puppets as actors and I was amazed of how much expression they could display. I began to wonder how the world would appear, if I was a marionette, and I drew up a sketch of a marionette fleeing his enemy. The puppet was sitting in a treetop while tens of thousands of strings, was closing in on him. I immediately felt the idea was very strong. An idea of a universe inhabited by marionettes with strings reaching all the way up to the sky, to a place where we are all connected -and controlled.
I promised myself that if I won the European Fantasy Film Award for “Possessed”, my next project would be Strings. The plane touched down and a few days later I was accepting the award.
Now it is 4 years later, 4 mill spent, and 200 dedicated film workers from all over Europe have worked for months and invested their hearts and souls in the project. Therefore it is with extreme pride that I present to you, the first fully integrated Marionette feature film “STRINGS”.
Anders R√łnnow Klarlund, January 2004

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