9 August 2015

Puppetry Films portal officially launched

We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new web portal housing, Puppetryfilms.com containing:

• puppetry tutorials

• workshops

• documentaries
• theatrical puppetry

• stop motion animation
• puppetry film archive

Many of us today want to watch films and new media online. However, I believe there is far too much information available to wade through before we discover that jewel which makes the long sorting and research process worthwhile.

I have often been asked about a global portal for puppetry films. It’s taken a long time to get it all together but I see it as a developing process, which we will undertake to house high-quality films under a single banner.

The website is being coordinated by three puppeteer-film makers: Steven Ritz-Barr from Los Angeles; Mathieu René from Montreal and Gary Friedman from Melbourne.

More specifically Ritz-Barr will be looking at theatrical puppetry on film; René will be running the tutorial and workshop section and Friedman will focus on documentary film.

Film makers, animators and puppetry-film producers are invited to showcase their work (free and paid content) under our banner and find a larger dedicated market. This will make their work more accessible to the entire puppetry, arts, education and animation communities.

Under our Free Content we shall collate and post new films, as they are discovered and reported to us.

Under our Paid Content our film rentals and purchases will be available for in-depth content and professional development materials.

Send us your films and ideas today!  Watch our films, spread the word to your friends and colleagues and together let’s make this new portal a global community resource. Namaste! 

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