28 April 2012

Not like the others

"Not Like the Others" is a short documentary that explores a mother's hopes and fears as she raises a son, who says he wants to become a puppeteer. Thanks to the insight of master puppeteer David Stephens, of All Hands Productions, the world of professional puppetry is thoughtfully explained to her and her son. The film was screened at the 2011 National Puppetry Festival in Atlanta, USA and, as a result, all is well with mother, son, and the world of puppetry.
Your editor in his youth, around 1968
This film resonates deeply with me, as my only passion in my youth, growing-up, was to be a 'puppeteer'. Now in my middle-age, with a three-year-old son who shares a similar passion, would I encourage him to follow in his father's foot-steps? Maybe not, but I'd certainly encourage him to follow his passion. After all, life's too short to mess around!

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