6 March 2012

Tarrengower Festival this weekend...

This weekend sees the long awaited first edition of the Tarrengower Puppet Festival in regional Victoria, Australia. Many of us will be making the long two-hour drive north to experience a long weekend of puppetry and friends. 
Even my three-year old is so excited that he'll get to meet his hero "Dreamer" once again.
The Artistic Director of Tarrengower Festival, Richard Hart says: "puppet theatre that is performed by excellent artists who have mastered their craft, transcends all boundaries, as in any art form.  It can give an audience another arena for theatrical experience and transform them.  To this end, I am presenting puppeteers who are among the best in their field".
If you live in Melbourne or not too far away, take a drive to Maldon and join us at the festival. You can also book for the performances and workshops online here!

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