17 October 2009

International Workshop Tour 2010

A workshop to catalyze your next creative breakthrough & explode into a space of free flowing ideas and expanded vision!

Our Short Workshops (Three hours to two-days)

From April to June 2010, Brain Gym® specialist, and Occupational Therapist, Sharon Gelber will once again join forces with master-puppeteer, Gary Friedman, in an international workshop tour of creative performance and play for high schools, universities and the creative public throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East.

In each of the following workshops, Brain Gym® exercises will activate the brain and senses to prime the body for creative processing:

1. A World of Paper Workshop
The workshop takes a practical hands-on and experiential format, where participants express themselves and communicate through the medium of paper. The students are provided with themes to develop improvisational performance pieces in-which the paper becomes the co-performer. We cater for student, adult and corporate groups.

In a full-day workshop, participants have the opportunity to tell stories from their own life experiences which then get 'played-back' to them by their fellow performers using the paper characters. This is based on the genre of "playback theatre".

2. Object Improvisation Workshop
The participants work in groups to explore the hidden possibilities of every day objects. Different suggested themes and topics allow the objects to be brought to life, as they become ‘living - breathing’ characters on the stage.

3. Hand and Ball Exercises – Basic Puppet Manipulation
The naked hand forms the basis of the puppet. This soon becomes a basic hand or glove puppet, when a plain white ball is added. The hand and ball exercises are later developed into short scenarios and performed by the participants, both individually, then in groups.
For dates, schedules and more information, stay posted or send us an email here!

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