7 October 2009

Political Satire ZANEWS launches as web channel in South Africa

After months of hype following the South African Broadcast Corporation banning the puppet satire ZANEWS, the programme has found its niche on the web. ZANEWS is based on the British Satirical Television series of the eighties 'Spitting Image' which later became adopted by many other countries around the globe. In May this year, I wrote an article on Puppetry News about 'Z News' as it was called then. I also mentioned a similar series just launched on Kenya Television, 'The XYZ Show', which is the same political puppetry in East Africa.

ZANEWS is now webcasting a daily show, so it's an enormous amount of work they've got themselves in for. They have recently found a commercial sponsor which I'm sure is the driving force which helped them get launched. So check out their work on the web here!

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