7 September 2009

36th Annual Emmy Awards Sesame Street

I'm sure that most of you guys were brought up on a daily diet of Sesame Street. Well unfortunately I wasn't, because we never had television in South Africa when I was growing up. But as soon as I was eventually introduced to it, I loved it and I'm sure my little boy will benefit by Sesame Street very soon too. Last Sunday the winners of the 36th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards were televised live on The CW Television Network from the historic Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

The telecast specifically honoured
'Sesame Street' with the “Lifetime Achievement Emmy® Award - “On the occasion of Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences proudly honors the acclaimed series as a pioneer of the contemporary standard, and presents this Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of its place as the most highly regarded and most watched educational television show for children around the world."
Thanks to Puppeteers Unite!

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