4 November 2008

Looking for a Monster film previews in Australia

Change Focus Media and Gary Friedman Productions will preview their prolific 'Looking for a Monster' puppet play film at AFTRS Cinema at Fox Studios in Sydney on Monday 10 November 2008.

Hanus Hachenburg was an extraordinary young poet and writer in wartime Czechoslovakia. In 1943, while imprisoned in Theresienstadt (Terezin) concentration camp, he wrote a puppet play, 'We are Looking for a Monster'. But before his play could be performed, Hanus was murdered by the Nazis. It was on the day he turned fifteen. In 1999, I discovered his play in a Jerusalem archive and performed it on stage for the first time. After almost ten years of travel and research we have finally completed the film of Hanus' original puppet play!

As tickets are limited and their are only a few seats still available, you need to RSVP immediately if you are interested in attending this Sydney preview screening. It will be officially opening in Melbourne in February 2009. Watch the promo here!

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