14 April 2008

The future of World Puppetry

During the UNIMA 2008 World Festival and Congress, I asked a few prominent international puppeteers and authors about their thoughts both on the festival and future of world puppetry. Here are a few of them discussing the festival and the future of puppetry from their perspective - Eileen Blumenthal, author of the internationally acclaimed author of 'Puppetry - A World History'. - a comprehensive overview of the history and techniques of puppetry, examining the unique nature and abilities of puppets and illustrating the countless roles they have played in societies across the globe for thousands of years. Steve Abrams is one of the representatives of UNIMA USA and John Bell, author and lecturer, from MIT and the Director of the Frank Ballard Museum of Puppetry at the University of Connecticut in the USA and French puppet master, Alain Lecucq, from the Compagnie Papiertheatre and member of the UNIMA Executive Committee all present their views on where we are headed in the world puppetry.

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