5 June 2007

An International Creative Thinktank

Imagine an Arts Centre in compassing every art - plastic, visual and performance and combine this with leadership, scientific and aboriginal cultures and what you have is The Banff Centre, here in the Canadian Rockies. It's something we've really only been exposed to this weekend and all of this surrounded by the most extraordinary nature and snow covered mountains on all sides. Our Paper Playback Workshop yesterday was attended by some of the Banff creative leadership and was a powerful experience for all of us, sharing ideas and play together. Last night we attended a Community Leadership debate on whether “communityship” can replace traditional leadership at the local level. And the result of a refreshing and stimulating dialogue, so open and yet so rare in the greater artistic world. This example which we discovered this weekend, truly shows communityship and dedication to the arts globally. Today we leave back to Calgary and up to Lake Louise. The trek west has begun!

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