15 November 2006

OUR WORKSHOPS.. in detail

Our Short Workshops
(Three hours to one-day)
In each of the following workshops, Brain Gym exercises will activate the brain and senses to prime the body for creative processing. At the end of each workshop the group will be assisted in making the leap of how they can use the concepts behind the puppetry work as well as the techniques themselves to enhance their daily creativity.

A Paper Meditation Workshop
The workshop takes a practical hands-on and experiential format, where participants express themselves and communicate through the medium of paper. The participants experience the sound the paper makes when touched and when moved. The paper can form shapes and move in different ways. The sheet of paper becomes the co-performer. It becomes the metaphor through which the message is passed to an audience.

During their short performances, the participants work in groups to explore different themes and topics, using the paper to form the characters, props and set. This workshop is guaranteed to break down barriers and open up creative channels.

To watch a short video of this workshop, click here!

Object Improvisation Workshop
In the darkness, by means of touch, the participants choose objects that appeal to them. Thereafter, the participants work in groups to explore the hidden possibilities of their objects. Different suggested themes and topics allow the objects to be brought to life, as they become ‘living - breathing’ characters on the stage.
To watch a short video of this workshop, click here!

Hand and Ball Exercises – Basic Puppet Manipulation
The naked hand forms the basis of the puppet. This soon becomes a basic hand or glove puppet, when a plain white ball is added. The participants perform behind a black cloth, out of sight of their audience, which allows them the freedom to perform. The hand and ball exercises are later developed into short scenarios and performed by the participants, both individually, then in groups. A complete character is instantly created in the audiences’ mind.
To watch a short video of this workshop, click here!

Specialised Workshops (One- or Two-days)

Telling the Stories - Playback Puppetry
This is a full-day or two-day workshop, providing a safe platform for participants to tell their stories and deal with their life-issues. The medium of paper and objects are used to convey the message. Drama therapy techniques and theatre games encourage the groups to choose meaningful stories to tell. The divided groups come together at various stages to present their short performances to the entire group. This allows discussion of the issues – conflicts, which have emerged, with possibilities and options for resolution.

The Language of Conflict and Language of Peace
In a world that is governed by the language of war, fear, drugs, AIDS, violence and reconciliation, we are offering a workshop to explore these themes in a practical and creative space. The medium of paper and objects will be explored as our theatrical tool. Puppetry has always been used to provoke an audience into facing these challenging issues. The groups come together at various stages to present their piece to the whole group, discussing the issues, which have emerged with possibilities and options for a change of perception.
Objectives: To provide a safe environment to voice opinions on sensitive issues.
Lectures to follow below!

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