8 October 2006

Our Wedding in Africa

On 10 Sept 2006, my partner, Sharon Gelber and I celebrated our wedding at Temenos Retreat in the Western Cape in South Africa. It was a weekend of great sprirituality, celebration and much joy, spent with family and friends in the village of McGregor. Amidst the celebration were performances and cabaret on the Saturday night and Sunday morning, in which Sharon sang, Adrian Kohler of Handspring Puppet Company did a very cute improvisation about our lives using two red socks and my dear friend Pedro Espi-Sanchez sang us some French and Spanish melodies. The Klezmer Band of Mathew Reid played us down the aisle on Sunday morning. I think it was a very memorable event that will certainly not be forgotton. You could take a look at the actual slide show by clicking here!

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