18 October 2005

Silkeborg International Puppetry Festival in Denmark

Frankenstein by Australian puppeteer, Neville Tranter of Stuffed Puppet Theatre, in Holland opens the SILKEBORG PUPPET THEATRE FESTIVAL, the leading European puppetry festival this year in Denmark from 10 to 13 November. The programme is a remarkable collection of the best puppetry from Europe. Gioco Vita's Firebird is a dance and shadow puppet theatre performance based on Russian folk tales. The Italian Teatro Gioco Vita is one of the most notable international shadow puppet theatre groups. The theatre has produced many incredible productions with shadow puppets. The Foreman Brothers from Prague are another landmark in European theatre. Their production The Baroque Opera builds upon a classical Czech opera about a controversy between an entrepreneur and the workers during the building of a chimney. Tranter is also presenting a masterclass which focuses on the ultimate consequences in the dramatic dialogue between puppet and the manipulator and between the puppet and the actor. I'll be flying in from Poland and hope to see you there!