3 August 2005

Dreamer in the Deep

Dream Puppets are performing their visually spectacular 'Dreamer in the Deep' at a special open class with Ken Evan's undergraduate puppetry students at Swinburne University, Prahran Campus in Melbourne on Tuesday 9th August at 3pm.

Dreamer’s bedroom metamorphoses into an ocean going yacht in a harbour. Guided by sea creatures, Dreamer sails out into the ocean. Reminiscent of Jacques Cousteau’s boat, “Calypso”, Dreamer’s yacht produces everything from diving suites to mini-submarines allowing Dreamer to explore the Australian coastal waters and further down to the deepest parts of the ocean. At each level and location, we discover the life-forms, habitats and conditions that create such an amazing diversity of sea creatures, from very small to very large.
For information and bookings, contact Richard Hart or Ken Evans!

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