22 July 2005

Avenue Who?

Being so isolated on this island of Oz, it's not until recently that I actually heard anything about Avenue Q! Avenue who? That's a show, that's been running on Broadway for the past few years - that's in the United States! Where? Well, from what I can gather (one of my favourite students lent me the CD last night), it takes the concept of Sesame Street to a new level. So it becomes an adult experience .. but with puppets? Yes! Well, there's Rick Lyon (the one on the right in the pic) who I haven't seen since Jim Henson's TV puppetry class in France in 1987, who tells me that they also open soon in Las Vegas. So now I want to see this exotic puppet musical when I hit New York in September. Anyone wanna join me? Oh well, "it sucks to be me"!

1 comment:

The Root said...

Screw the New York Production. Come see us in Vegas! :)
Rick says hi, by the way. I'll give him the link to your blog.